Welcome to Troop 19 - Where Scouting is an Adventure!

Troop 19 is conducting our annual fund raising activity with holiday wreath sales.

Proceeds are used to purchase troop equipment and to help defray the cost of programs and activities for our scouts.

Click here to support us in purchasing a wreath to be delivered to your home.

Build An Adventure!

Troop 19 has a dynamic program with a very wide variety of activities that has something for everyone. The troop has a campout almost every month of the year. One month the troop may be rock climbing and rappelling; another month they may be rafting or canoeing; on other campouts the focus may be on basic Scout skills such as first aid, orienteering, cooking, or fire building.

Our program also includes, at some point in the year, activities focused on shooting sports, wilderness survival, backpacking, hiking, and leadership development. The activities on the schedule each year depend on what the boys decide to include in their program.

Troop 19 offers you the best program and the best leaders in giving your son an opportunity to be surrounded by friends and leaders who share your values.

Troop 19 is actively looking for new members who have completed the 5th grade or are between the ages of 11 and 18. The troop meets on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM at our sponsor:

Pilgrim UCC Church, 4 Watson Street, Nashua, NH.

Click on the link for directions.