Troop Mtgs Tuesdays 7-9pm at our sponsor Pilgrim Congregational Church, 4 Watson St. Nashua

2014 Troop19 Eagle Scout
  Congratulations to Ethan P. for earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Ethan completed his rank requirements in March. He will be formally awarded his rank at a future Eagle Court of Honor.
  Ethan, welcome to the Troop19 Eagle Aerie!

Scout Reports UPDATE
  Updated scout reports posted from our intrepid Scout Reporter: Spencer R. See below.

Troop19 Wins Klondike Derby!
Troop 19 did very well at the 2014 Arrowhead District Klondike. Congratulations to the Eagle Knievel / Patriot Patrol, taking first place.   See Spencer R's updated notes below.

Jan 17-19 - Storer Cabin
Troop 19 held its Winter Campout at Storer Reservation. Camping in a heated cabin allowed plenty of outside activities from ice fishing, winter survival skills and of course, sledding and other snow games. A nice turn out - fun had by all. Pics here.

Oct 18-20 - Wilderness Survival
Troop 19 held its annual wilderness survival campout at Camp Whip-O-Wil in Merrimack. Skills and activities included shelter building and toolmaking.

  See Spencer R's write-up and some pix, below.

Sep 27-29 Pioneering Campout
Troop 19 camped this weekend at Camp Carpenter for a pioneering theme campout. Webelos from Pack 19 camped nearby and we assisted with outdoor skills in knots, lashing and dutch oven cooking. Saturday night's campfire was enjoyed by all!

  See Spencer R's write-up and some pix, below.

Eagle Scout Car Wash
  Eagle Scout candidate Ethan is raising funds to build a shed for the NHS-N Marching Band and the Color Guard. Two car washes are planned:
  Sun 6/9 12-4 and Sat 6/15 12-4
at PepBoys (274 Amherst St). Carwash tickets are $5 that day or buy in advance and get information at

Garry R. Crane awarded Silver Beaver
  The Silver Beaver Award is bestowed on volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to Scouting and the community. Recipients are chosen by veteran scouters from across the state from individuals nominated for their distinguished record of serving Scouting in ways that benefit the whole council.
  This is a well deserved honor for Garry as he has given countless hours of dedicated service to our troop, our district and our council. We are grateful to have him on our team! Congratulations Garry!

Higgins Armory    Several of our scouts and leaders took a day trip to the Higgins Armory Museum. There they took full measure of the strenght needed to wield medieval armor and weaponry.

St. Croix River Trip
  Troop 19 sailed and canoed their way through the St Croix river area. See some of the pictures below.
  Check out Mr. Guertin's recounting of the trip and all the fun here.

CubScout Show-N-Do
  Troop 19 held a get-together with Nashua's Pack 19 Cub Scouts to demonstrate skills the older scouts have learned and teach the younger scouts. It was a good opportunty for the two units to work together and make some new friends.
  Click to zoom on pics below. And Thanks to Mrs. Richardson for coordinating this event.

SCUBA Certification    This Spring several of our scouts and leaders took part in SCUBA certification. This included open water dives to 30m. They are preparing for a trip to BSA's Seabase in Florida, 2013.
  Thanks Mr. Bisbee for organizing this class.

Upcoming and Recent Events:

Mar 10 - T19 Parent Committee:
7:30pm Mon. All Troop19 parents and leaders are encouraged to attend. Contact Jim for/with action items.

Mar 18 - Troop Mtg.
Review of Pico Mtn trip. Webelos visits.

Mar 1-2 - Ski Pico Mtn
Hold the date for Troop 19's annual ski trip. Ski, stay overnight at a local church, and ski some more. Skiers of all levels welcome. Cost $80-100 for ski/rental/food. See Tony Sicurella or E. Paulsen for details.

Mar 8 - Math/Sci Tech Day1
Mar 22 - Math/Sci Tech Day2
Register NOW for this annual BSA event. Attend both sessions to earn technology and career focused merit badges. Space is limited. Details here.

*Calendar of Upcoming Events*
Dec 14-15 - Practice Klondike
Jan 31 - Freeze Out
Feb 1 - District Klondike
Jan 17-19 - Storer Campout
Mar 1-2 - Ski Pico Mtn

Merit Badge Book Donations
Adam, our Troop Librarian, asks Scouts who no longer need their MB books to donate them to the troop library. Bring to any meeting.

Troop 19 Photo Scribe
Scouts - its a new season and there is an opportunity for one of you to be Troop Scribe or Troop Historian. A good way to let other scouts know what's cookin' is to tell 'em your self. And take pictures. We do a lot of interesting things, and the pictures help tell the tale.
  Any scout interested, speak to Mr. Anthony or Mr. Guertin. And send any articles you write or pictures for the web to Mr. Rak in the Troop 19 webmaster account.

Regional Jamboree Oct 7-9, 2012 at Waterville Valley. Here's a couple pix to check out.

Yellowstone / Grand Tetons Trip
Here's a few pictures below.

Scout Sunday - Feb 10th
Troop19 attended worship at Pilgrim Church in observance of Scout Sunday. This annual rite reminds us of the Scout Law charge to be Reverent. Several Scouts and Leaders of Troop19 participated in the service: call to worship, scripture readings, prayers and finally the benediction.

 Veteran's Day
   The Nashua Veteran's Day Parade was Friday 11/11. Troop 19 joined other BSA troops from around Nashua to march in a single formation to support our veterans who
have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.
  It was great to see so many Troop 19 scouts participate in this event.
Memorial Day Parade
   On May 28th, Troop 19 joined other area Scout Troops in a unified show of respect for the Armed Service Men and Women who died serving our country.

Canoeing Mine Falls
  We had a beautiful afternoon for a short canoe trip up the Nashua River. Over a dozen scouts and leaders paddled 7mi from Mine Falls boat ramp to Runnels Bridge (Hollis) and back. Included a demo of how to get back in your canoe after its been swamped.
  Thanks Mr. Guertin and Mr. Griffith for organizing this event. Thanks Mr. Wiik, for pictures here.

Cycling Martha's Vineyard
  We had a sunny/windy weekend of cycling and canoe practise. Scouts split into 5 cycling crews to ride the island. Spent Sunday morning on on the water. Overnight spent at Camp Squanto, taking Ferry to Vineyard for a day of cycling.
  Pics below (click to zoom).
Our cycling trip to Martha's Vineyard made the Nashua Telegraph!

 Pilgrim Church Clean-Up
  Troop 19 Scouts and Leaders pulled together for our annual Spring Clean-up of Pilgrim Church grounds. We gathering debris, spruced up the grounds and took several loads of brush to the dump. Afterward, all enjoyed a 'thank you' cookout put on by Pilgrim Church.
  Community service is an important part of Scouting. This event is one example of how scouts support their local community all year long.

March: Pico Mtn Ski Trip

On March 1-2, Troop 19 headed up to Pico Mountain in Vermont, which in close proximity to Killington, for their annual ski trip. On Saturday the 1st, the troop met up at Pico because almost every scout going had a parent with them. There, Mr. Sicurella handed out the lift tickets and rental tags. Members gradually showed up and began to ski/snowboard. At lunchtime scouts and leaders headed back to the parking lot, where Mr. Sicurella had lunch going and served every member. Afterwards, more skiing took place until 4pm when everyone packed up and headed to a very small congregational church, where they spent the night. For dinner, pizza was ordered and there was an abundance of soda and desserts. Upon waking breakfast began. There were donuts, bagels, and other things as well. Then the troop headed back to the mountain where more skiing took place. Again Mr. Sicurella had lunch going as everyone came to the parking lot, hungry. At 4pm when the mountain was closing, the troop packed and left for home.

- Scout reporting by Spencer R.

February: Snowshoe Zealand Hut

On February 15-16, the experienced members of Troop 19 did a snowshoe trip up to Zealand Hut. In total about 13 miles were hiked on a trail with only cross-country skier tracks to follow. On the morning of February 15th, the scouts and leaders met at Pilgrim Church to organize and confirm who was going. Then they set out for the trailhead. Upon arrival, the troop unloaded the cars and got ready for the trek ahead. Once on the road, they had to trek some distance before even reaching the trailhead. At reaching the trailhead, there was only about 2.2 miles to go before reaching the hut. Right before the hut there was a hill, which was so steep it was nicknamed ?heartbreak hill?. Upon entering the hut, they met the caretaker, who explained what the rules were and how meals worked. After some time, other guests arrived at the hut and dinner was started. Devin Champagne carried the dinner in his pack, an enormous ham. After finishing the meal, adults played cribbage and the scout hung out in the other room with all of the bunks. After waking, breakfast was started the next morning; one of the foods at breakfast was a scrumptious coffee cake (and of course, coffee). After packing up the troop heads back down the trail to the parking lot. The next stop was a small pizza parlor where the troop enjoyed some food and civilization.

- Scout reporting by Spencer R.

Troop 19 Wins 2014 Klondike Derby

Eagle Knievel Patrol
On February 1st, Troop 19 participated in the highly anticipated annual Klondike Derby at Lone Pines Hunting Lodge. The night before, some scouts and adults went up for the Freeze-out. In the morning another group arrived just in time for breakfast at the OA Cafe. After a hearty meal, the patrols loaded up their sleds and prepared for the event ahead. The scoring system started straight away, with inspection. This station checked if each patrol was prepared, checking for winter clothing, mess kits, knives, rope etc. After inspection, the patrols headed out to their starting station. After the horn sounded, the Klondike had begun, and each patrol
travelled with their sled from station to station, completing the challenge that awaited them. Skills tested included knots, lashings, firebuilding, teamwork etc. By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted. Troop 19 did fantastic, placing 1st, 6th, and 11th. The Eagle Kenivals aka the Patriot Patrol, once again has returned the trophy to the Troop.

- Scout reporting by Spencer R.

January: Storer Campout

Planning First Cut Scouts & Leaders
Fresh Catch
SNOWBALL! Bowline Knot
Ice Rescue
On January 17th-19th, Troop 19 attended its annual Storer Campout at Camp Storer. On Friday 17th, Troop 19 gathered at Pilgrim Church and acquired necessary materials for the campout. Afterwards they headed up to Camp Storer, where they slept in a cabin. The next morning, they awoke and prepared breakfast. After cleaning up from breakfast, they headed out onto a lake that had about 18? of ice. While on the ice, they practiced ice rescues, knots, and other skills needed for the upcoming Klondike Derby. Then it started snowing and the scouts ate lunch. While the scouts where practicing skills, the adults with help from the scouts, were ice fishing and catching a total of 4 fish. After, some scouts went inside and played games, followed by the rest of the troop. Dinner started some time after, followed by dessert. The meal consisted of quesadillas that were made by the scouts, and the dessert was ice cream and various other treats. The troop, that night, either slept in the heated cabin, or went out to the summer huts for the 100 degrees below freezing achievement. In the morning , the troop cleaned up and headed back home.

- Scout reporting by Spencer R.

December: Practice Klondike

Klondike Sleds
Shelter Break
  On December 14th, Troop 19 participated in the Practice Klondike at Camp Carpenter, an event held annually to ready up for the actual Klondike Derby. That morning the troop got whatever materials they needed and headed up to Carpenter. Upon arrival, they unloaded off the vehicles and loaded their sleds. Each patrol had a sled of their own. After being inspected, the patrols set off on the course going from station to station being tested on different skills such as fire building, knots, lashings, teamwork etc. By the end of the day the Patriot Patrol from Troop 19 came out on top. Other patrols from the troop did excellent as well.
  Afterwards Troop 19 stayed overnight. Unfortunately for them there was a very heavy snowfall that night and had to be plowed out the next day.

- Scout reporting by Spencer R.

November: Turkey Campout

   On November 22nd to the 24th, Troop 19 had its annual Turkey Campout in Camp Carpenter, where they cook turkeys in cardboard boxes and have an abundance of different food from both the patrols and the adults. On Friday, the scouts gathered camping supplies and loaded them into the trailer. After that, they headed up to Carpenter and setup their tents, rain flies, etc. Then everyone had cracker barrel and went to bed.
  After waking up, they started breakfast and fixed some boxes that needed repair. Afterwards, they had flags and a very informative round robin that included pie making, fire building, and making survival bracelets. Immediately following that the preparation of the feast began. Everyone was hard at work at creating interesting foods for the meal to follow.
  After preparation the attendees including scouts, adults, and visiting parents, sat down for the feast. Then grace was said, and the first group went up for dinner, followed by others. After dinner was served, they went up again for dessert. After the meal was over cleanup was in order.
  Afterwards the troop had a Capture-the-Flag game with a neighboring campsite, followed by bed. That night it snowed and it was a very cold morning. The troops then packed the trailer and headed back to the church.

- Scout Reporting by Spencer R.
Cookout Campsite
Gotta Do Cleanup

October: Wilderness Survival Campout

  On October 18-20, Troop 19 attended their annual Wilderness Survival Campout at Camp Whip-O-Will. At this campout, Troop 19 builds shelters and sleeps in them for the night. It began on Friday when they loaded up the trailer with camping gear and headed out to the camp. Upon arrival, the scouts unloaded the trailer and set up tents. After cracker barrel, they headed to bed.
  Upon waking up, they started fires and breakfast. Afterwards there was some teachings and an orientation course. Then they had lunch and began to construct their shelters. Then they prepared and consumed dinner. One patrol had a visit from a local dog when they were eating dinner. After they went to bed and in the morning they had a quick breakfast and loaded the trailer. After that they headed back to the church.

  Check out the photo gallery from a previous years event!

- Scout Reporting by Spencer R.

September: Pioneering Campout

Tower Base
Troop Campsite
   On August 27- 29, Troop 19 travelled to Camp Carpenter for their annual Pioneering Campout. A decent number of scouts attended. The trip started at approximately 5:45 at Pilgrim Church when the scouts loaded the equipment trailer with gear such as lamps, stoves, Dutch ovens, and tables. Afterwards, they set out for Camp Carpenter where Pack 19 had arrived earlier, and quickly set up tents. Then they had cracker barrel and went to sleep relatively early.
  The next day they awakened and set to the task of breakfast; after finishing cleanup they had flags and began building a playground out of spars and rope to boost recruitment from the pack that whom would be arriving later. About half of the way through construction, the scouts had lunch and went right back to work. Almost immediately after the finishing of the playground which consisted of monkey bars, a see-saw, a swing, and a hand-pulled elevator attached to a elevated platform, the pack arrived. The pack split into 2 groups, one would attend the playground, and the other would learn various knots.
  After a while the pack returned to their site and the scouts started dinner. After dinner the scouts walked to the pack?s site to attend a blazing campfire with many skits and songs put on by both the pack and troop. After a long day the troop returned to their site and went to bed. In the morning there was an all-faith service in the chapel with the pack and afterwards, the troop departed.

- Spencer R.

St Croix & Acadia Trip

  This Summer, Troop 19 had a high-adventure canoeing and sailing trip. We canoed and camped our way along the St. Croix river for week in late June. Then we joined others from our Troop at Acadia National Park for camping, a Windjammer Cruise and a planned Bicycle Adventure.
  Thanks to Mr. Anthony and the other attending Leaders for organizing and arranging these events. They were a blast. Thanks also to Mr. R. Wiik for the above pictures (be sure to 'click' to zoom in).
  Check out Mr. Guertin's recounting of the trip and all the fun here.

Canoeing Mine Falls - Nashua, NH

  In preparation for a long canoe trip planned for Acadia later this month, Troop 19 Scouts and Leaders took in a day of canoeing on the Nashua River. We put in at the city's well kept boat ramp near Stellos Stadium with 8+ canoes. It was a fine sunny day for skills practice and just being on the water.
  Thanks to Mr. Guertin and Mr. Griffith for organizing this event and arranging for canoes. Thanks also to Mr. R. Wiik for the above pictures (be sure to 'click' to zoom in).

 Freeze-Out & Klondike Derby
Practice Klondike - 2012
On Saturday December 15th, Troop 19 participated in the Practice Klondike at Camp Carpenter. At the Practice Klondike, Troop 19 ran the fire building station. Patrols from the troop were the Honeybadgers, The Panzer Patrol, The Border Patrol; and of course the Patriot Patrol. At the end of the day, everybody appeared to be exhausted from the Practice Klondike.
Congratulations to the Patriot Patrol for winning the Practice Klondike.
   - Scout reporting by Spencer R.

 2013 Freeze-Out & Klondike Derby

  The Klondike Derby pits patrol against patrol in a series of cold weather challenges to patrol leadership, scout muscle, skills, and spirit - the Patrol Method! Scouts pull an equipment-laden sled of their own making to as many challenges as they can before the event ends in mid-afternoon. At each challenge completed, a patrol earns points on it's performance. The patrol earning the highest total points takes home the Klondike Trophy for their troop. Troop 19 did very well in the 2013 Arrowhead District Klondike.

  On Saturday, February 2nd, troop 19 participated in the Klondike Derby, an annual competition held by the local districts of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It is held during the Winter months and it is based on the heritage of the Klondike Gold Rush. The Arrowhead District, which includes Nashua and the surrounding area, held its Klondike at Lone Pine Hunting Club in Hollis.

  On Friday night, scouts had the option to sleep over at the Freeze-out prior to the actual Klondike. The Freeze-Out is outdoor camping survival style - outdoors in shelters built by the scouts. Scouts assembled at Pilgrim Church to pack up troop equipment and after a short drive to Hollis, scouts set up tents for sleeping. After that was completed, they went to the OA Café for something to eat at the Cracker Barrel. Upon returning from Cracker Barrel, scouts found their tents and eventually went to sleep. Upon waking up, they set out quickly to take down tents and pack personal gear back into the cars. After that task was completed, they went to a hot breakfast served by the OA Café. Breakfast was really delicious and motivated the scouts to do their best in the task that lay ahead of them.

  After they finished their meal, Troop 19 split into its patrols and went to go get their sleds checked in, which was their first scored station. After they got to their first station, the starting gun was shot approximately 15 min afterwards. The patrols went from station to station completing the challenge that awaited them. Those stations included First Aid, Teamwork, and of course the one ran by Troop 19, Fire Building. At the end of the race, approximately 2:30 pm, patrols returned to the OA Café for the awards ceremony.

  There were 22 patrols that participated in this event; and of the 22 patrols, 4 were from Troop 19. Finishing in first was the Patriot Patrol, who took home the trophy for Troop 19 which had not been done since 2009. After the Patriot Patrol, in second, was the Border Patrol who was 3 points behind. The Honeybadger Patrol finished in fourth of 22; and finally, the Panzer Patrol placed eighth. All the patrols did very well in this event. Pack 19, also from Pilgrim Church, placed first in Webelos Alley, the Cub Scout portion of the Klondike.

   - Scout reporting by Spencer R.

  Here are pictures of Troop 19's Firebuilding Station from the competition.

Troop19 High Adventure: Yellowstone!

Along the Cascade Trail
Along Signal Ridge
Morning Reflection at Grand Tetons
Summit of Mt. Washburn
  Troop 19 has returned from another of our high adventure trips. Usually every other year we gear-up for a week or two of hiking, boating, or whatever the scouts want to work toward. This year Troop 19 returned to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. There will be many more photos and stories to share at upcoming Troop meetings, so stay tuned!

NH Jamboree

Setting up Camp
Troop 19 Station
  October 7th, 2012 Troop 19 attended a regional Jamboree at Waterville Valley. Over 3000 scouts attended the event which is typically held every 3-4 years. The Jamboree had numerous activity stations manned by the various participating troops' scouts and leaders. Troop 19 had two stations: match lighting with an axe and a block-and-tackle style log lift. Both were well received.
 Our scouts had plenty of adventures along the way. Be sure to ask one who went.