Checklist for New Scouts and Parents

Hereís a checklist for New Scouts and Parents that join our Troop!

1.      Complete the Boy Scouts of America Youth Application and turn it in to our Committee Chair with a check for your semi-annual registration fee ($20.00).

2.      Complete the Boy Scouts of America Adult Application and turn it in to our Committee Chair with your adult registration fee ($15.00). We request that at least one adult member from each family register with our Troop.

3.      Adults: complete our vehicle registration form. This is required if you will plan to drive Scouts to or from any Scouting activity.

4.      Either purchase a Boy Scout Uniform or check through our supply of used uniforms. You can get them (or order your right size if they donít have it) from the Scout Shop in Manchester (click for map & contact info). You should purchase the Uniform Shirt, Pants, and Belt.The troop will provide the Boy Scout Handbook and cap at no additional cost ($20 value).Uniform insignia to be purchased and sewn on should be; Daniel Webster Council Shoulder Patch, Troop Number (19) and Patrol Medallion (check for the name of your sonís patrol).

5.      Get your Boy Scout Handbook and Troop Cap from your Scoutmaster.

6.      Review the Annual Calendar Overview (link from the home page on this website), as well as the detailed calendar of the coming month.

7.      Ask your Scoutmaster what Patrol you will be assigned to. He will introduce you to your Patrol Leader.

8.      Complete your Boy Scouts of America Health Form. This is required before you can participate in our outings. Note that a physical exam within the last year is required to participate in any activity greater than 72 hours in length (most of our high adventure and summer camp trips).

9.      Schedule a family (parents + Scout) meeting with the Scoutmaster, who will provide you with an orientation and overview of the troop, and who will give you the chance to ask questions.

10.   Review and discuss the tear-out pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parentís Guide with your Scout. Then, sign your initials next to that requirement on Page 17.

11.   Scouts: review the Joining Requirements in your Boy Scout Handbook on Page 17. Once you have reviewed those requirements (and read the following pages, which describes the information outlined in those requirements), review our rank advancement procedures starting on page 39 in the Troop 19 Family Guidebook, then schedule a New Scout conference with the Scoutmaster.

12.   Parents: Learn how Scouting and Troop 19 work by reading the materials in the Troop 19 Family Guidebook.

13.   Scouts and Parents: Complete the Participation Contract in the Appendix (Page 98) of the Troop 19 Family Guidebook and return it to the Scoutmaster.