1.     Complete the Boy Scouts of America Youth Application and turn it in to Mr. Anthony or Mr. Filteau with a check for your semi-annual dues ($25.00). Provide any additional email as desired for troop newsletters, etc.


2.     Complete your Boy Scouts of America Health Form. Parts A and B are required for the regular troop outings.  Part C (requires physical exam) is required for summer camp and must be turned in to Mr. Towle or Mrs. Paulsen by May 15th   ($20 physicals available at Convenient MD)


3.     Purchase a Boy Scout Uniform (Sewn on patches last better than “badge magic”):

• BSA short-sleeved shirt and insignia (DWC shoulder patch, World Scout Crest)

• BSA pants or shorts (“Switchback” pants have zip-off legs)

     Troop will provide:

• Troop 19 Numeral –if needed, BSA dark forest green shoulder loops

• Troop 19 Baseball Style Cap

• Patrol Medallion (as patrols request)

      Purchase within the first year:

• BSA low-cut dark forest green socks, BSA belt/buckle, BSA merit badge sash • Troop Fleece Jacket (optional approx. $40, we order in fall as needed)


4.     Purchase Scout Handbook ($18.00) and label clearly with your name.  Review and discuss the tear-out pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide with your Scout. Then, sign your initials next to that requirement for Scout Rank.


5.     Scouts: Review the Scout Requirements in your Boy Scout Handbook. Once you are ready to be reviewed (tested) on any of those requirements, sign up on the advancement sheet on the table in the back of the hall and a leader will meet with you during the meeting.


6.     Prepare for your first CAMPOUT with the troop.  Equipment will be listed with every permission slip.  Items include (but not limited to):  Sleeping bag appropriate for predicted temperatures, sleeping pad, small ground cloth for inside of tent, 2 wide-mouth water bottles, personal mess kit, personal first aid kit, compass, whistle, headlamp, pocket knife, durable raingear (jacket and pants are best), appropriate clothing including warm hat, gloves and footwear. $15 cash will typically be collected by patrols for food.


7.     Attend SUMMER CAMP presentation.  Sign-up for camp by submitting deposit to treasurer (Mr. Sicurella) or Mrs. Paulsen.  (New scouts that have crossed over will get early discount so long as balance is paid by the beginning of May.)   For adult leader and activity planning purposes, please sign-up as soon as possible.



Adult Volunteers


8.     Complete BSA Youth Protection Training in order to participate in troop activities.  Login (or create login) at my.scouting, see details: Youth Protection Training


9.     Submit BSA Medical form to Mrs. Richardson or Mrs. Paulsen in order to participate in activities (Part A and B only unless participating in summer camp or trips longer than 72 hours).


10.  Complete the Boy Scouts of America Adult Application and turn it in to Mr. Filteau or Mr. Towle with printout of completed Youth Protection Training. You are not required to register as an adult leader but we would love to have your help either as a registered leader or as a non-registered parent.  Complete training for specific position, see troop trainer (Mr. Towle) for details.



Additional Information and Resources


11.   Review the Troop Calendar (


12.  Scouts: You will be assigned to a patrol.  Ask Mr. Anthony what patrol you will be assigned to, if you do not know, and he will introduce you to your Patrol Leader.


13.   If interested in selling Adventure Cards to raise money for camp, see Mr. Harrigan.


14.   Attend a new parent orientation and/or schedule a family meeting with the Scoutmaster.  Keep asking questions – get to know troop leaders and veteran parents at Tuesday meetings.


15.  Come in to the Hall at 8:45 to hear troop announcements.


16.  Parents: Learn how Scouting and Troop 19 work by reading the materials in the Troop 19 Family Handbook on the troop website.


17.  Complete Family Talent Survey on troop website and submit to scoutmaster (Mr. Anthony) or committee chair (Mr. Castillo)


Scoutmaster:  Greg Anthony                                                     

Committee Chair:  Aaron Castillo

Campouts: Assistant Scoutmaster Coordinator (varies by event and indicated on Permission Slip)     

Treasurer:  Tony Sicurella

Wreath Sales: Theresa Hughes

Adventure Cards: Jerry Harrigan

Advancement/Registration:  Rich Filteau                               

Summer Camp: Lon and Jessica Paulsen, Jane Richardson, Greg Anthony

Knife and Fire Safety:  Rich Wiik                                               

Medical Records: David Towle

Training:  David Towle    

Assistant Scoutmasters:  Brian Wiik, Brent Morrison, Gary Strong, Chris Spencer, Murray Mahoney, Jeremy Petravicz, Jeremy Walters, Jane Richardson, Jon Bozek, Paul Guertin, Tom Lanzara, Lon Paulsen

Troop Committee: Aaron Castillo, Garry Crane, Rich Filteau, Brian Hughes, Theresa Hughes, Jane Mahoney, Jessica Paulsen, Tracy Pohl, Tony Sicurella, Tracy Spencer, David Towle, Richard Wiik

Chartered Organization Representative: Kathleen Graham

Hospitality: Theresa Hughes