Campout Checklist for Leaders

1+ month in advance

____ Confirm/make reservations for location

____ Identify special considerations (bike reservations, make ovens for turkeys, etc)


2 weeks in advance

____ Make permission slip; send to Greg (and Rich F. for website) template available

____ Discuss program with SPL (program determined during PLC)

____ Arrangements for any special needs (turkeys, snowshoes, bikes, etc)

____ Confirm all equipment from previous campout has been returned (see Jane R.)

____ Promote activity during announcements at Troop meeting (week before permission slips due)


1 week in advance

____ Make extra paper copies of permission slips (about 5, most will print from website)

____ Make arrangements to received Med Form book on Tuesday (Dave Towle)


Tuesday meeting before campout

____ Collect permission slips at the beginning of the meeting (and money if needed)

____ Confirm with scouts how many from each patrol are attending/adjust as needed

____ Patrols to create menu and ASM to check (and confirm money has been collected)

____ Confirm which adults are going; select adult shopper and create adult menu

____ Confirm that someone is able to pull trailer

____ Confirm shopping responsibilities with each patrol, check with parent of shopper about shopping list and management of money

____ Finalize program with PLC


Before Friday of campout

____ Finalize list of scout and adult participants (including special arrival and departures)

____ Review permission slips for allergies/medications and arrival/departure

____ Make list of equipment needed

____ Confirm that there are enough drivers and draft transportation arrangements

____ Print directions to campsite as needed

____ Be sure someone with key to church and inside closet will be there on Friday



Friday of campout

____ Confirm with SPL that all necessary group, patrol and personal equipment is packed (including adult patrol box and coffee pot)

____ Assign rides, know who is in each vehicle

____ Confirm that all drivers have directions

____ Talk with parents as needed (re: return time, special concerns, medications, etc)

____ Lock shed and church before departing



____ Assist SPL with program needs

____ Ensure safety of participants; periodic head counts (keep track of arrivals and departures)

____ Be aware of BSA policies (Safe Swim Defense, etc.)


Sunday Return

____ Facilitate transportation arrangements; know who is in each vehicle

____ Ensure site is clean; checkout with facility

____ Ensure that scout quartermaster has recorded who is taking what equipment home

____ Confirm that every scout has been picked up; alert parents to any injuries

____ Lock shed and church


Tuesday following campout

____ Roster with # of nights of camping to Rich F.

____ Settle any money issues with Tony

____ Confirm with scout quartermaster that all equipment has been returned

____ Return Med forms to Troop

____ Equipment issues/needs to Jane R. (Rich W. for stoves and fuel)