Camp Bell New Hampshire

Daniel Webster Council

Camp Leo 2

In 1949, Camp Leo was established on property owned by the Boy Scouts of America as far back as 1925.

In 1988 Camp Leo closed and the Daniel Webster Council purchased the property in 1990. The property became a part of the Griswold Scout Reservation, adjacent just north of the Hidden Valley Scout Camp. The photos shown to the right became part of Camp Bell.

Camp Bell was established in 2000 with the support of Ernest “Tutt” Bell and through the State of New Hampshire’s Land Conservation Easement Program. The council was able to reacquire Camp Manning (which had been a private camp after Daniel Webster Council had sold the camp) through a land swap. Daniel Webster Council agreed to conserve parts of Hidden Valley from camp development and in return Camp Bell was given to the Council for use as a Scout camp.

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