Camp Carpenter Patches

Camp Issues

carpenter creek year 1
Year 1
Find Twill, Coarse Gause
carpenter creek year 2
Year 2
No Twill, Fine Gauze
carpenter creek year 3
Year 3
Find Twill, Coarse Gause
RougehTwill, Fine Gauze
carpenter creek Old Timer
Old Timer
Rough Twill, Coarse Gause
Rough Twill, Fine Gauze
carpenter creek Staff

In the early years there were patches for First, Second, and Third Year Campers, plus Oldtimer and Staff issures. These issues used the same design as the last Camp Manning patches. Three twill types exist; No Twill, Fine Twill, and Rough Twill with two backing types: Coarse Gauze and Fine Gauze. I am not sure whether each twill type exists for each issue.

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May 30, 2019