Camp Carpenter New Hampshire

Daniel Webster Council

carpenter creek woven strip patch
Year 1 Woven Strip
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Felt Patch

Camp Carpenter came into existence in 1936 through the desire of Mr. Frank P. Carpenter, who, realizing the need for good camping facilities for the Scouts of the Manchester District, and in conjunction with a committee of Manchester Scouters, purchased the 135 acres of land at Long Pond.

Situated five miles from the center of Manchester, Camp Carpenter comprises 200 acres of land. During the early years of the camp, troops were invited to erect camps on allotted sites. By 1944 the Council’s need for camping facilities had grown extensively. The property at Camp Manning was not readily expandable and Camp Carpenter was a short-term district camp. In 1945 Camp Carpenter was approved by the Council Executive Board and became the official camp of Daniel Webster Council (DWC). Camp Manning was sold on May 23, 1946.

Camp Carpenter has evolved from a Boy Scout summer camp to a residence summer camp for Cub Scouts. Units continue to use the camp on a year round basis.

Look carefully at the Felt Patch lower-right side (top of the page) to see the Scout's face.

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