Clarada Scout Training Center

Daniel Webster Council, NH

Clarada Scout Training Center Patch

Clarada Scout Training Center was created as a short-term camping site at Ellsworth, NH. Unfortunately, the camp had an unusually short life. Attendance at the camp was quite low and Council decided to close the camp after the second year.

Clarada Scout Training Center created the three patches shown at the left. The patches are each 3 inches diameter and the dates of the three patches are not known.

The following is taken from the The New Hampshire Scouter, November 1970: "On October 4, 1970 Daniel Webster Council became the recipient of a training center located in Ellsworth, New Hampshire, with 42 acres of the most beautiful land and several small buildings as a gift from Mrs. Irene Landers of Keene."

On January 6, 1989 ownership was transfered to State of New Hampshire, Fish and Game. (the current owners)

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