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Daniel Webster Council
History, Patches, Memories

The never ending history of Boy Scouts in the area of Daniel Webster Council, NH. This web site, created in 2019 provides quick access to the story of the camps that have existed over the years.

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camp carpenter felt patches
7 pages, 85 patches
camp  hidden valley patches
5 pages, 67 patches
camp  bell patch
3 pages, 21 patches
camp manning patches
2 pages, 14 patches
Griswald Scout Reservation patches
2 pages, 8 patches
Mead Wilderness Base patches
2 pages, 9 patches
Clarada Training Center patches
1 page, 3 patches
Hoge Scout Resevation patches
1 page, 1 patch
Camp Bichall patches
1 page, 1 patch

We have 37 pages and 212 patches. Do you have any of the patches we are missing? Can you add to our history pages? Send us your email address and we will update you as the site progresses.

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