Mead Wilderness Base Patches1950s-1980s

camp mead 1960s patch
camp mead 1970s patch 1
camp mead 1970s patch 2
late 1970s
camp mead Early 1980s patch
early 1980s
camp mead Mid 1980s patch
mid 1980s
camp mead Late 1980s patch 1
late 1980s
camp mead 1989s patcharound 1989
camp mead Late 1980s patch 2
late 1980s
camp mead patch no datedate unknown

The 1950s-1960s patch was available with Very Smooth, Right Twill and with Rough, Right Twill. Note the mid-1980s patch has brown paddles and brown backpack. The late-1980s patch has blue paddles and blue backpack.

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June 18, 2019