BSA Patches from Daniel Webster Council, NH

Camp Carpenter Patches
Camp Carpenter
Hidden Valley Patches
Hidden Valley/GSR
Camp Bell Patches
Camp Bell/GSR
Camp Manning Patches
Camp Manning
Short-Term Camps Patches
Short-Term Camps
Mead Wilderness Base Patches
Mead Wilderness Base
Order Of The Arrow Conclave Patches
Order Of The Arrow Conclave
OA Passaconaway Lodge #220
OA Passaconaway Lodge #220
Max Silber Friendship Gifts
Max Silber Friendship Gifts


I would like to thank the following for their support in developing our image gallery for Daniel Webster Council; Randy Charity, Rich Filteau, Jonathon Groves, Rob Kutz, Bob Sherman, Joe Sinniger, Bill Topkis and the Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum.


          ~Greg Anthony