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Max Silber's Friendship Gifts

Max Silber’s Friendship Gifts were given to the youth and adults from Daniel Webster Council (New Hampshire) for every National and World Jamboree from 1950 to 2010. In addition to the Jamborees, Max also produced buckles for other BSA national programs and Daniel Webster Council events. From time to time he experimented with different castings (white bronze, chrome) and produced some prototypes before deciding on the final production run. He also produced some interesting items including plaques, a bronze frying pan, scout sign and a wood badge neckerchief slide. The Eagle Scout, Vigil, Silver Beaver, and Museum buckles are available for purchase from the Lee Scouting Museum.

There are eleven buckles (ref. Silber Checklist) that were also mass produced in white bronze. The 1999 WJ Chile buckle was produced in both bronze and naval brass (blue) The Commissioner buckles (3 variations) were done with and without a logo on back and also as white bronze variation. Depicted in the image gallery is only one of each variation. In addition to this, two prototype issues are shown and a few other prototypes are in circulation.

Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum
Max Silber Biography
Max Silber's Friendship Gifts Story
Excel Spreadsheet Listing Max Silber's Friendship Gifts

1950 - 2nd BSA National Scout Jamboree

1953 - 3rd BSA National Scout Jamboree

1955 - 8th World Scout Jamboree

1955 - Region 1 BSA

1957 - 4th BSA National Jamboree

1960 - 5th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1964 - 6th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1964-65 New York World's Fair

1967 - 12th World Scout Jamboree

1969 - 7th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1970 - Daniel Webster Council Camp Carpenter

1971 - 13th World Scout Jamboree

1972 - Daniel Webster Council Boy Power Team

1973 - Silver Buffalo Award

1973 - 8th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1973 - Daniel Webster Council
Lawrence L. Lee Museum

1975 - 14th World Scout Jamboree

1976 - Northeast Region
S.M.E. Achiever

1976 - Wood Badge

White Bronze Wood Badge

1977 - All Out For Scouting

1977 - 9th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1979 - World Scout Jamboree

1979 - Outdoor Adventure Exploring

1981 - Daniel Webster Council
Commissioner Staff

1981 - 10th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1983 - 15th World Scout Jamboree

1984 - 1st Jamboree Daniel Webster Council

1985 - 11th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1985 - Bronze Eagle Award

1985-86 - 14th Australian
Scout Jamboree

1987-88 - 16th World Scout Jamboree

1987-88 - 16th World Jamboree

1988 - 2nd Jamboree Daniel Webster Council

1989 - 12th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1989 Vigil Honor
Order of the Arrow

1989 - Daniel Webster Council
Lee Museum and Silber Library

1991 - 17th World Scout Jamboree

1992 - Silver Beaver Award

1992 - White Bronze Eagle Award

1993 - 13th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1995 - 3rd Jamboree Daniel Webster Council

1995 - Daniel Webster Council
Camp Carpenter

1995 - 18th World Scout Jamboree

1997 - 14th BSA National Scout Jamboree

1999 - 4th Jamboree Daniel Webster Council

1998-99 - 19th World Scout Jamboree

2001 - 15th BSA National Scout Jamboree

2003 - 5th Jamboree Daniel Webster Council

2002-03 - 20th World Scout Jamboree

2005 - 16th BSA National Scout Jamboree

2007 - 21st World Scout Jamboree

2010 - 17th BSA National Scout Jamboree

Scout Sign

1950 - National Jamboree Plaque

1957 - National Jamboree Plaque - Gold

1957 - National Jamboree Plaque - Silver

1950 - Old Man Of The Mountain

1950 - National Jamboree Frying Pan

c. 1960s Wood Badge Ax and
Log Neckerchief Slide

Max on occasion would produce prototypes before final production. Two examples are shown here.

Chrome Eagle Scout Prototype

1964 National Jamboree Prototype - White Bronze