Yellowstone Grand Teton Equipment List

    Personal Gear
Personal Clothing
Optional Equipment
Travel Uniform and Misc
Group Gear to be Carried
1 1 Hiking Boots Sturdy, high ankle collar boot with padding to protect your ankles while providing good ankle support. Vibram or similar heavy-duty type sole with lugs for traction. Suitable for a multi-day treks with a heavy pack. Resealed for waterproofness. Boots should be sized with the inner and outer sock combination you intend to use and broken in.
Lightweight hiking boots suitable for day hiking with a day pack. Resealed for waterproofness. Boots should be sized with the inner and outer sock combination you intend to use and broken in.
2 2 Outer Socks Ragg wool or acrylic to wick moisture away from the foot. Not cotton.
2 2 Inner Sock Liners Polypropylene or silk thin liner socks to wick moisture. Not cotton.
1 1 Camp Shoes Sneakers or Tevas for non-hiking wear.
1 1 Backpack Internal or External Frame 2000 cubic inches for day hiking, 4000+ cubic inches for backpacking. Capable of holding personal and share of the crewÕs gear. Sleeping bags will consume a lot of cubic inches on an internal frame pack, plan accordingly.
1 1 Sleeping Bag Down or synthetic bag that stuffs to at least 18"x10" and can be easily carried with the pack. Plastic trash bag to line the stuff sack for waterproofness. Two straps to attach the sleeping bag to the pack. Sleeping bag should be rated to at least 30F. Use a sleeping bag compression sack to save space in your pack.
1 1 Sleeping Pad Closed cell foam pad or self-inflating air mattress (not a swimming pool air mattress).
1 1 Ground Cloth or Space Blanket For inside the tent or if you are sleeping under the stars
1 1 Eating Utensils Plastic cup and bowl with lids (retains heat), spoon
1 1 Pocketknife Swiss army type or Leatherman. No sheath knives or blades over 3.5"
Do not carry on plane, must be packed in your backpack
1 1 Flashlight with new batteries/bulb Extra batteries and bulb
1 1 Compass And skill to use it!
1 1 Map Troop will provide a map and itinerary for each person to carry
1 1 Small notepad and pen For remembering important things
1 1 Personal Hygiene Kit Biodegradable soap, toothbrush and paste, small pack towel, comb
1 1 Toilet Paper and Trowel Toilet paper in waterproof zip lock bag, extra zip lock bags and a plastic jar (a.k.a. peanut butter jar) to carry used toilet paper. Hint- a crushed deodorant block does wonders inside the jar!
1 1 Personal First Aid Kit Band-Aids, lip balm, sunscreen, chafing powder, moleskin and snake bite kit. Each group will also have a troop first aid kit. Scouts are not to carry any prescription or non-prescription medicine. Adults only may carry medicine for themselves and siblings. Crew Leader will dispense any medication to scouts. Consider Tylenol, antacid tablets, anti-histamines and pepto-bismal along with any prescription medicines that an adult may carry. Each person will carry a medical insurance information/card on his or her person or in his or her first aid kit.
1 1 Ditty Bag Extra zip lock bags, shoe laces, extra matches, misc. spare parts for pack (connecting pins, rings), sewing kit, small amount of duck tape rolled on a dowel or similar object, safety pins
1 1 Parachute/Nylon Cord 50Õ for tying tent to rock if the ground is too hard, hanging food bag, clothesline.
2 2 Water Bottles Plastic 1 qt. water bottles, no canteens
1 1 Water Bottle Holder One water bottle should be attached to the hip belt or in easy reach without having to stop from hiking to drink.
Clothing Light colors and synthetics are recommended. Cotton should be avoided
2 2 Shirts Synthetic, at least one long sleeve for sun protection
1 1 Sweater or Fleece Pullover Synthetic
1 1 Windproof Outer Layer Can be worn over sweater or fleece
1 1 Rainwear Waterproof jacket or poncho. Water repellent does not mean it is waterproof. Some windproof outer layers (a.k.a. Goretex, will serve as both a windproof and waterproof layer.
1 1 Long Pants Tightly woven synthetic is lighter and more breathable than blue jeans. Cotton sweatpants are not recommended for hiking as their weight increases in proportion to the amount of rain.
1 1 Belt Nylon web belt can double as an emergency strap
2 2 Shorts Nylon hiking type shorts work best. Canvas is a second choice
2 2 Underwear (Tops and Bottoms Synthetic (polypropylene or silk) work best to wick moisture.
1 1 Sleepwear Something comfortable just for sleeping
1 1 Broad Brim Hat Sun protection
1 1 Knit Hat For those cool nights
1 1 Sunglasses For the mountain sunshine
1 1 Whistle Emergency use
1 1 Watch Punctuality in a group avoids conflict
2 2 Bandannas Useful as handkerchiefs, head cover, cold compress etc.
1 1 Day Pack or Fanny Pack For short hikes from the campsite.
Miscellaneous To be left in campsite, not backpacked
1 1 Bath Towel and Shower Toiletries A scout is clean
1 1 Plastic Bag with your name To hold non essential items while you are on the trail
Optional Equipment
Camera and film DonÕt forget new batteries and film
Colored Stuff Sacks Helpful to organize your pack
Trekking Poles or Hiking Stick Saves wear and tear on the knees
Pack cover To keep your pack and gear dry when it rains
Journal To document your trip
Books Read any good books lately? Natural history, flora, fauna, historical accounts of the area or that book you have been wanting to read.
Postage stamps, cards Include a list of addresses you want to send cards to.
Cards, Uno, Cribbage etc. Recreational time
Gaiters Keeps pebbles from getting inside your hiking boots


Scout Uniform Class A Uniform (scout pants, shirt, scout belt and troop hat)
Troop 19 T-shirts Yellowstone Adventure 2002 Trip T-shirt
Two sets of civilian clothes For when we are not hiking or wearing the scout uniform. This will be left at basecamp during the overnight trips
Additional toiletries Bath towel, shampoo, soap etc. to be left at basecamp
Carry on Bag Day Pack, Fanny Pack or a carry-on.
No portable stereos, radios, cell phones etc. Our intent is to minimize the intrusions of our society and enjoy the natural environment


Tent / Shelter 2 scouts per tent, weight can be distributed by poles, stakes, fly, ground cloth and the tent for carrying
Backpack Stove Single burner stove that burns Coleman Fuel (do not pack, troop has to ship due to airline regulations). Repair parts for stove. One stove per cook group.
Fuel Bottles (do not pack, troop has to ship due to air line regulations)
Funnel/Pouring Spout Avoids spills
Cooking Kit Two nesting pots (2qt and 1.5qt), pot gripper and aluminum foil (lid and wind screen)
Kitchen Clean-up Kit Biodegradable soap-3oz (Castille soap works best and is multipurpose, scrubby (sponge/abrasive - not SOS-too soapy), bleach-1oz, matches in waterproof container, 6 zip lock bags for trash.
Water Purifier To be shared in the group
Iodine Portable Aqua tablets as a backup for a clogged water filter
Collapsible Water Bucket Handy for water filtering by allowing sediment to settle. Useful around camp for washing
Food Repackaged and sorted by meal, Lightweight and nonperishable