JULY 9† -† JULY 19,† 2011

Last minute check list








Saturday, July 9th, meet at the airport at 6:30am


Wear: Class A Scout Uniform (Scout Shirt, Scout Pants, Scout Belt and the red Troop 19 Hat)


Include in your carry-on bag, breakfast items, lunch, snacks, and empty bottle to fill with water and/or money to purchase drinks.†


DO NOT carry on board the plane the following items:† Knives of any length, cutting instruments of ANY kind (metallic or non-metallic) including carpet knives, box cutters and folding or retractable blades regardless of length, ice picks, straight razors (safety/disposable razors ARE allowed), metal scissors with pointed tips, ski or trekking poles.


These articles are FORBIDDEN either as carry-on or as checked baggage:

"Strike-anywhere" matches, lighters with flammable liquid reservoirs, lighter fluid and fuel.


If you have any questions, please go to the TSA web site at:



Space in the rental cars and vans will be at a premium.†† Plan to fit all your personal and crew gear in your pack or duffle and have one carry-on per person.

All checked luggage has a weight limit of 50lbs.† Limit of 2 checked bags per person.


Remove any straps, hangers, and protruding objects from your bag before checking it. These may get caught in the baggage system and cause damage to your bag. Bags that are bulging or are not sufficiently constructed to support the weight inside may split during the trip through the bag belt system.


Label all your baggage with your address and Troop 19 BSA.† You will also be given a special adhesive label that should be applied to your checked bag(s).


Backpacks can be either sealed in a clear plastic bag (provided you or by the airline at check-in) or packed in a large duffle bag.


You should make plans so that when we arrive in Yellowstone you have a way to keep your uniform staying looking good during our trip because we will be wearing them on the trip home.† You should also set aside in your duffel bag a complete change of underclothes and socks for the return flight as well.


No portable electronics will be allowed on this trip.† Electronics will be subject to confiscation for the rest of the trip. The only exception to this rule is that Iím requiring adults to bring their cell phone as a means of group to group communication and emergency calls.


You should bring money for:

 The first night supper at a fast food restaurant in Utah

 The last days lunch in the airport in Chicago

 If you donít bring a bag lunch for the first day, bring money to purchase a lunch at the airport in Chicago

 Spending on optional items like an ice cream here or there, gifts at gift shops.