Great patrol yell, welcome to Lashing.
When you arrive at a Klondike station, give your patrol yell and you will receive a friendly greeting from the staff.
        Hi Mom, how do I tie a clove hitch?
T135 using a lifeline.
Some troops allow cellphones, but not Troop 19!
Heh isn't this suppose to be a H-frame not a A-frame?
Our scouts can tie knots without looking at what they are doing.
        And my desk is also a food chest.
Being station mayor has advantages.
   Red Ravens cooking their hot lunch - meatball subs.      
Are those meatballs ready yet?
Useful camp tool, a lashed tripod for cooking.
        And it smells good
A watched, uncovered pot cooks faster.
   Blazing Foxes a.k.a Yelling Yetties chow down their Chicken and Dumplings Glue Stew.      
This is so good
Get it while it's hot.
        May I have more?
Time for seconds. Speaking of time, isn't lunch break over?
   Blazing Foxes a.k.a Yelling Yetties lashing a shelter.      
I'd rather smile for the camera.
Pay attention and watch how this is done.
Now either lash a spar or be a spar.
   Wait what's that, up in the sky?      
We're moving up in the world.
If you run out of spars, just untie the ones at the bottom and raise them to the top.
        Who are those guys?
Whooah, aren't those guys our leaders?
Not squirrels. Squirrels look FOR nuts.
You're right. I recognize the SNEAKERS .
   Two useful lashing projects.     
Just watch those rumors of a re-org.
Org chart.
        Best hat at Klondike Challenge.
H-frame shelter.